Slope and Stream Bank Stability Studies

The instability of slopes and stream banks can threaten the integrity of buildings and other structures placed nearby. Analysis of the potential for slope and bank failure can lead to setback limits that are protective of future construction.

TSI can protect your physical investment by providing required information needed for the safe placement of homes, buildings, and other structures within the given geological setting.



Sinkhole Investigations

The coastal areas of Texas and Louisiana are underlain by numerous salt domes that can produce sinkholes. Whereas underground cavities often remain undetected until suddenly appearing at the surface as sinkholes, these naturally occurring phenomena can be predicted. TSI can assess sinkhole risk for properties and effectively reduce risk to developers and investors.



Groundwater Impact on Construction Projects

Though a precious resource, groundwater can be a hazard for buildings and engineering projects. Without prior knowledge and careful planning, “too much” groundwater can radically affect the integrity of buildings and other structures, thus presenting a risk to human safety and property value. TSI can determine the nature of groundwater at a site, predict its impact on the site’s development, and recommend procedures for mitigation.



Expansive Clay Soil Identification

Expansive clay soils are the number one natural hazard in the Unites States in terms of monetary loss for developed property. The financial impact of this phenomenon far outweighs that attributed to other natural hazards such as flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, and so forth. TSI can identify and delineate areas containing expansive clay soils, allowing for better engineering design that can minimize the impact of this extensive hazard.




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