Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) are a risk analysis tool minimizing environmental liability exposure to financial institutions, land developers, and real estate brokers.

TSI’s repetoire of environmental services not only identify environmental concerns, but also lead to solutions minimizing risk to clients, maintaining the integrity of a property’s value.

The “Brownfields Law” provides contamination liability protection to landowners only if they conduct a level of site assessment meeting the new law’s definition of “All Appropriate Inquiries” (AAI.) Only recognized Environmental Professionals (EP’s) will be allowed to conduct Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s).

Terrain Solutions Environmental Professionals (EP’s) meet EPA criteria, and carefully adhere to AAI standards. We provide a thorough report on potential contamination issues in a given real estate venture.

We pride ourselves on being both reasonable and professional, providing our clients with true value for their investment.

ESAs are conducted in three phases:

  1. Phase I: ASTM 1527-00 & AAI/ASTM 1527-05: Identification of potential environmental hazards on a given site. Includes a regulatory records search, interviews, site reconnaissance and a written report. The AAI assessment meets Brownfields Law All Appropriate Inquiry requirements.
  2. Phase II: Confirms the presence or absence of contaminants on a site.
  3. Phase III: Determination of contaminants and extent of damage and can include a site remediation plan.