Terrain Solutions - litigation support
TSI offers expert consulting services to environmental law firms in support of their clients.

Our services include:

  • Invasive environmental assessments
  • Depositions, expert witness and court room testimony
  • Client and attorney discovery

TSI has a proven track history in the support of successful litigation cases that include:

  • Geologic assessment that supported the claim that groundwater migrating through limestone was not exacerbated by human actions – Austin, Texas
  • Water well which was improperly screened in a highly saline formation – Laredo, Texas.
  • Subsurface diesel release caused by a contractor due to an improper piping connection causing soil and groundwater contamination – Houston, Texas
  • Bankruptcy case misidentifies an underground storage tank system as an asset unaware of the consequences and costs of the underlying soil and groundwater contamination – Houston, Texas
  • TCEQ attorney fines UST owner for lack of suspected spill response in but reduces fine by 25% when facts of the case were successfully disputed – Brookshore, Texas
  • Service Station is falsely accused of a UST release when an adjacent station was the culprit as proven through hydrogeological study and hydrocarbon fingerprinting – Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Invasive Environmental Assessment identify environmental damage after a land purchase due to prior operational valve facilities, various cities, Texas